2013年6月10日 星期一

Phablets 將崛起取代NB、PC?( The Phablets will become a trend from 2013 and replace the NB, PC? )

The Rise of The Phablets ( Phablets 的崛起 )

還記得當iPhone在移動智能手機市場的下降嗎?三星Galaxy S系列,敲響了警鐘? iPad或任何無數片,記住所有的這些設備周圍的興奮嗎?我相信這樣做。作為一種新興的技術流行,我總是驚訝於這些設備,在每次迭代他們只是不停地在他們的權力越來越複雜。Remember when the iPhone dropped on the mobile smartphone market? Samsung Galaxy S series, ring a bell? What about the iPad or any of the numerous tablets, remember all of the excitement surrounding these devices? I sure do. As an emerging technology fan, I am always amazed by these devices and with each iteration how they just keep getting more sophisticated in their powers.

在一個字 - 迷人。而前往拉斯維加斯的Affiliate Summit West 2013,一個 phablet 在我左邊隔著過道的乘客都動搖,當我們把車停到我們的大門。這不太平板電腦並沒有想像中的智能手機,而是是許多凝視的對象是理所當然的一個融合。這是三星的注意,這個東西是很酷的。雖然它看起來有點不自然,一個電話,什麼是有趣的要指出的是房地產的屏幕。 5 x 7英寸的屏幕上有足夠的空間來呈現出更引人入勝的Web體驗。 In a word it’s – fascinating. While traveling to Vegas for Affiliate Summit West 2013, the passenger to my left across the aisle was rocking a phablet when we pulled up to our gate. This not quite tablet and not quite smartphone, but a blend, was the object of many stares and rightfully so. It was a Samsung Note and this thing was cool looking. While it did look a little bit un-natural holding it as a phone, what was interesting to point out is the real estate of the screen. At 5 x 7 inches this screen has plenty of room to present a more engaging web experience.
Phablet will have 143 million shipment world wide

返回到的長期 phablet - 根據數字世界的研究中,87%的手機用戶都沒有聽說過這個詞,但繼續成長,因為這些設備市場上,你可以保證更多的人認識這個詞。 Back to the term phablet – according to Digital World Research, 87% of mobile phone users have not heard of this term, but as these devices continue to rise on the market, you can guarantee that more folks will recognize this term.

當不熟悉的消費者被引入到這些設備的一個令人鼓舞的33%表示,他們有可能到購買一個phablet。此外,36%的平板電腦擁有者有可能,買了 phablet,採用這種混合設備。 When unfamiliar consumers were introduced to these devices an encouraging 33% stated that they were likely to purchase a phablet. Furthermore, 36% of tablet owners are likely to buy a phablet and adopt this blended device.

真正的拉動消費者進入這個市場,這是“混合”功能。隨著 desktop 繼續下降,消費者將繼續推動與朋友和家人保持聯繫的原因,這種類型的設備提供了世界上最好的 - 手機和娛樂設備。 The real pull of consumers into this market is this “blending” of features. As the desktop continues to decline and consumers continue to drive reasons to stay connected with friends and family, this type of device offers the best of all worlds – a phone and an entertainment device.

手機廣告商歡欣鼓舞,這屏幕尺寸的增加有可能打開一個新的廣告機會的世界。較大的橫幅大小,和更多的空間來創建更清晰的網絡體驗,所有的手指都指出更多的潛力。 Mobile phone advertisers rejoice, this increase in screen size has potential to open a new world of advertising opportunities. Larger banner sizes, and more room to create sharper web experiences has all fingers pointed to more potential.

查看此信息圖表下面從USamp的一些有趣的事實的phablet。 Check out this infographic below from USamp covering some interesting facts about the phablet.

Phablet - The future of handheld devices?

轉移的趨勢,從桌面PC到手持設備的真正的問題是大小的問題。從古老的功能手機到高端智能手機,在屏幕尺寸有逐漸增加。現在,智能手機市場已經飽和,平板電腦市場的迅速推進,一個是被迫不知道什麼是下一個大的設備。 With the shifting trend from desktop PC’s to handheld devices the real question is does the size matter. From the ancient feature phones to the high end smartphones, there has been a gradual increase in the screen size. Now that that the smartphone market is saturated and the tablet market advancing rapidly, one is forced to wonder what is the next big device.
Galaxy Note is a real trend in market, why? It is a Phablet.

Phablet - 一個的混合智能手機及平板電腦可以肯定。這些設備中,通常從5英寸到7英寸不等,結合的智能手機的通信功能與片劑的處理功率。由三星銀河注意在發射過程中,Phablet命名,可能是在移動通信行業經常使用的一個詞。 Phablet – a hybrid smartphone cum tablet could definitely be it. These devices, usually varying from 5 inches to 7 inches, combine the communication capabilities of smartphones with the processing power of tablets. Named by Samsung during the launch of Galaxy Note, Phablet may be a word frequently used in the mobile industry.

顯示器的公司,如索尼,華為在2013年的CES強調,Phablet的可能只是2013年的設備。根據預測,在2013年國際消費電子展,以及可穿戴式電子phablets可能會迎來我們的下一代技術。華為的6.1英寸屏蔽登高的配對設備,這是令人印象深刻的薄,有勝於任何智能手機的屏幕在比賽中。同樣的,索尼的XperiaŽ,一個5英寸的顯示屏,值得注意的是在市場上令人印象深刻的防水。The displays by companies like Sony, Huawei at the CES 2013 have highlighted that Phablet may just be the device of the year 2013. As per the predictions at CES 2013, phablets along with wearable electronics may usher us into the next generation of technology. Huawei’s 6.1 inch screened Ascend Mate device, which is impressively thin, has a screen which outruns any smartphone in the race. Similarly, Sony Xperia Z, with a 5-inch display, is notable in the marketplace for being impressively waterproof.

因此,這裡發生了什麼?我們看到的是技術的演進。智能手機,這是其便攜性而聞名,提供非常有限的功能,由於其較小的屏幕。另一方面,平板電腦雖然強大,沒有能力撥打電話。這將創建一個在兩者之間的開口部的裝置。 So what's happening here? What we see is the evolution of technology. Smartphones, which are famous for their portability, often provide very limited capabilities due to their smaller screens. On the other hand, tablets despite being powerful, lack the ability to make phone calls. This creates an opening for a device in between the two.

5 +寸的屏幕尺寸Phablets將是理想的閱讀電子書,而無需放大,觀看視頻,看起來非常有吸引力的高清晰度屏幕,文檔,電子表格或什至工作。The 5+ inch screen size Phablets would be ideal for reading eBooks without having to zoom in, for watching video which would look very attractive on the high-definition screen or to even work on documents, spreadsheets.

舉個例子,最熱銷的Phablet,三星附註二。隨著屏幕尺寸為5.5英寸,分辨率為720×1280像素,這款Android,果凍豆Phablet可以使用任何喜歡看電影或在旅途中的文件上工作。同樣,諾基亞帆布A100給出了一個驚人的5“phablet的盧比,以實惠的價格。 10399。 Karbonn的A30,5.9“Phablet800萬像素攝像頭,售價為盧比。 11900是絕對值得的金額。 Take for example, the most selling Phablet, Samsung Note II. With a screen size of 5.5” and a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels, this Android Jelly Bean Phablet can be used for anything like viewing a movie or working on documents on the go. Similarly the MicroMax Canvas A100 gives an amazing 5” phablet at an affordable price of Rs. 10399. Karbonn’s A30, 5.9” Phablet with 8MP camera which is priced at Rs. 11900 is definitely worth the amount.

分析人士稱,2013年“的Phablet”許多人都在質疑,是否Phablet是上網本的2013年,注定是要被大規模生產,但產生的用戶體驗類最終未能如願,死了。這個問題的答案是一個很大的!的Phablet在這裡留下來,而不是僅僅停留在它的極限。恐懼的表達,該Phablets將是這十年的電腦。他們將成為默認的計算設備的所有用戶,原因很簡單:消費者需要一個單一的設備,完全可以實現一切。攜帶兩個設備,智能手機和平板電腦,消費者會更喜歡攜帶Phablet,他們正在減少他們的數據成本和提高效率。另外一個相當大的因素是有利的Phablet的是價格。大多數的phablets智能手機的價格限制範圍內,因而是首選。 While analysts claim that 2013 is the “Year of the Phablet” many question whether the Phablet are the netbooks of 2013, doomed to be produced in mass quantities but yielding a user experience so unsatisfying that the category eventually dies out. The answer to that is a big NO! Phablet are here to stay and not just stay within its limits. Fears are expressed that the Phablets are going to be the PCs of this decade. They will become the default computing device for all the users for a simple reason: consumers need a single device that can do absolutely everything. Instead of carrying two devices, a smartphone and a tablet, consumers will prefer to carry a Phablet, they're reducing their data costs and increasing efficiency. Another considerable factor which is advantageous to the Phablet is the price. Most of the phablets range in the price limits of smartphones and are hence more preferred.

對於那些,聲稱在Phablet是便攜性較差或過大,增加智能手機的屏幕尺寸的驗收證明,它不是一個真正的問題。畢竟,任何設備,​​不再需要擁有和攜帶兩個獨立的設備,手機和平板是一個更好的解決方案。 For those claiming that the Phablet is less portable or too big, the acceptance of increasing screen sizes of smartphones proves that it’s not really an issue. After all, any device that eliminates the need for owning and carrying two separate devices—a phone and a tablet—is a better solution.

  • 三星 Galaxy Note 系列確實賣的很好,三星完全抓住這混合設備 Smart Phone + tablet = Phablet 市場趨勢;
  • 台廠應該大力去做 Phablet 產品,可增加更多屬於自已的創意,讓式微的 NB 產品找到一些新活水的成長機會;
  • 其實進入 Phablet 產品系列,台廠可表現空間是很大的,抓住這智能混合裝置趨勢是有機會發揮創意的;